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  • [창작동화] Over the wall #2
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  • 1 years later...

    Fish is now full grown-up. He aways climb trees for the day he will climb the wall. One day, he thought about go to people's place. 'I'm now full grown up so no one will care if I go out of forest' Fish thought. So he said good bye to lest of cats. But one cat, named 'Tree' said, "I'm going with you.". She was a cat who has three-colored fur. "But won't it dangerous?" Fish said. "It's dagerous, so I can't let you go alone." Tree said.

    In peoples place it was diffrent. Houses are many, and there's some dogs. When Fish and Tree passed one house, dogs inside the house barked. But one dog said,"Who are you?" in friendly voice. "Um..I'm Fish and this is Tree" Fish said "You're name is Fish and Tree? That's funny. Where had you come from?"the dog asked. "In the forest." Tree said. "Hmm... Can you climb the wall? If you can, come inside. My master is not home, and he's kind so he won't hurt you if he finds you out." The dog said. "Master?Who's him?" Tree asked. "Probably a person. I hread dog's master is a person."Fish said. "Come Inside!" dog shouted. It's time to climb the wall. 

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