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  • [기타] Recommend English book
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    | 추천수: 1 | 등록일: 2024.5.19 오후 10:29
  • Hello LittleFox Readers:)

    My name is Maria.

    Can you recommend some English books?

    I don't care it's fiction or non-fiction.

    I'm in 4th grade and I learned English for approximately 4 years.

    I see LittleFox level 7-8.

    It's OK if the book is much harder, but not more easy one.

    I don't care you read it or not, but if you read, can you summarize it or what is it about?

    If you want to recommend, please write the title: Recommending- To. Maria

    If you have any questions about recommending or needed to know about me, you can write the title: Question-To. Maria.

    I will try to read every book you recommend!!

    I will wait for fun and interesting books!

    Have a nice day:D

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