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  • [창작동화] Min bee 's adventure Episode 18- From think to action
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    | 추천수: 2 | 등록일: 2024.4.14 오후 7:12
  •   The group had find the ISS(international space station) of the strange planet which has 10 rings. An hour had passed since Min bee had shouted to do something. They was not doing things for to many times. Gri had find the ISS. 

     "This ISS has no creature inside. It will be safe." Gri said.

     It has a large room and two small bedrooms. This was the oddest ISS they had ever seen. It's no different with just a regular hotel. It has a strong device to make a gravity to live like in Earth. It will be comfortable to work here. But to them, It was not special and boring.

     "Look! There are a spaceship! It's very big!" Somebody had found it in the restroom which was also odd.

     "Let's race back to the Earth and catch Stela." Min bee said.

     "I read that the Antarctica in Earth has special energy to have an exclusive power. Usually that exclusive power only get when the star is creating. It's very very powerful. Nobody in history had found to have power enough to defeat exclusive power. Of course i thought it was just a folk tales from the past. But when my best friend is traveling to Earth. She found a super energy. She was afraid that the Bad guys might stole it. So, she left it on Antarctica. She even have a photo of that thing." A king's solider said.

     They land on Antarctica few hour later. Since the spaceship can be invisable from outside, they have no risk to land here. At the exact momment, the whole land shook.

     "Who is stealing my spaceship!" Somebody said.

     Min bee do his best to see who it was. He gasped.

     It was Stela! 

     "Quick! Dig the ice and search for the exclusive energy!" Gri said.

     "I will call Mr. Goo and William!" The older man shouted.

     The half of the strong solider is keep blocking Stela's enormous sword as other people is digging as hard as they could. This time, the winner was our team.

      As Mr. Goo appeared to the sight, the teacher blasted the ice with the super gun. Then the exclusive energy appeared. It was the most beautiful thing.

     Stela's energy was seem to be totally drained.

     We won! The energy was so good that he was shocked. He sleep with the most people in the group. Suddenly the phone bell rang.

     Di! Di! Di! Di!

     "Hello! I'm Min bee."

     "Help! I'm William. The woman i mean the villain named Stela kidnapped me."

     Min bee gasped.

     "Oh, no! Our mission was not finished after all." 

    Min bee rushed to the Spaceship as everybody woke!


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