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  • [창작동화] Hidden Passages#2
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                                                               *The passage which shows up at this story is written based by the truth*

    Hidden Passages#2

    As Eleanor and Kylie went back to their respective homes, Eleanor texted Kylie right away.

    'Hey Kylie look what I found more at the map.' She texted and sent a photo of the enlarged map in which she just took.

    A minute or two later, Kylie, who just saw the photo Eleanor sent her, responded her friend.

    'Hey. I didn't see this sentence when I first took a look at it. But now I see it. it says,'Hidden Passages are here. At this vast place, why do you think nothing's hidden? What do you think it's trying to say?' Texted back Kylie.

    'Dunno. But I found something else that's peculiar. I know for sure that this map refers to our apartment complex and all the inner parts of it. However this map shows numerous kinds of tiny symbols the reality's not letting us to know." Eleanor responded.

    'Maybe, we should visit few of the places tomorrow.' Texted Kylie.

    After Eleanor received Kylie's message, She jumped on her cozy,pinkish bed and held the map carefully trying her best not to rumple it further. As Eleanor took another long look at the map, she could see that the tiny symbols were tangled and the bigger lines were covering them. "It'd take us forever to visit end explore through all those places!" Eleanor hissed. And it was true though. Just then, a strange feeling swept over Eleanor. And that mysterious feeling was indicating was telling Eleanor that she MUST copy the map down. 'Why must I copy that down? It'd take me at least few days to do so!' She thought. But more she resisted, the more the feeling grabbed her. And then finally, Eleanor reluctantly crept out from her bed and pulled the drawer out and took a clean, white paper. After that, Eleanor grabbed the pencil she liked the most and then started the 'labor'

    Hours passed and the day turned dark. Soon afterward, the darkness turned into night time. By then, the snow which was piling rapidly on the icy ground was stopping slightly and the sky was letting only few drops down at a minute. As the clock pointed 1:30 in the morning, Eleanor's phone made a zig-zig noise and a message from Kylie came. 'Meet me at the playground tomorrow morning. Wait a second..should I call it today since it's 1:30 in the morning? Anyway Night night fellow!' 

    Maybe she'd laugh at Kylie's hilarious ways of speaking if she did see the message. However Eleanor was too busy to check the message and the dawn grew and grew deeper.

    "Good heaven! Look at your eyes! Kylie exclaimed.It was 7:30 in the morning and after a quick breakfast, the two girls stormed out against their mother's wishes. And now Kylie was showing her astonishment for seeing Eleanor's sunken eyes. "What have you done to yourself?!" Kylie asked, totally taken aback. "I was copying down the map. Just in case you know.." Eleanor said, looking very weary.

    "You're indeed a freak Eleanor." Kylie said as she laughed and so did Eleanor. 

    Few minutes later, Eleanor and Kylie were selecting places they'd explore that day.

    "Er...What about..Here as for the very start?" Eleanor pointed the spot which was clearly the most easiest place to notice.

    Kylie nodded and the two girls set off to follow the map.Just then, a sound like banging pipes clanged from somewhere.

    "Did you hear that?!" Keen Eleanor nudged Kylie and shouted. "Yes! It sounded as if something's rushing through something!" Kylie roared. Eleanor and Kylie waited, hoping to hear something more. However, the banging sound fainted away and after a long pause, the girls began to move once more. While casting serious looks on the map, Eleanor said. "By the information I heard from adults saying," But Kylie interrupted. "You mean you overheard them!" Kylie giggled and Eleanor glowered at her friend and then began again. "Well..By the information I heard, many residents of our apartment hears banging, rushing etc rackets that's somewhat following them..They hear them above, beside, and under them and yet they can't see a single thing the sound belongs to. Eleanor finished and Kylie looked more serious. "Maybe..just maybe..those sounds are from Hidden..." Kylie began but was interrupted. It was Eleanor who nudged Kylie once again and indicated through the bush. "It's the place the map's showing us!"

    Eleanor exclaimed breathlessly. "But..." muttered Kylie. "But...there's nothing here.." Kylie gasped.

    According to the map, The Hidden 'thing' must be here at the place where the bush lays. However, It was nothing but the bush covering the fences. 

    "And besides. My parents told me not to get to this part of the apartment even when it is available to pass those fences." Said Kylie,looking very edge. The place where Kylie was banned to visit was indeed looking rather mysterious and risky. It was a continuous of bare trees, bush, and dry grounds. 

    "It's not at all like you Kylie. To avoid adventures,I mean." Eleanor said calmly. It was true that she was disappointed though. She had believed that unknown things would be hidden somewhere. And she was even feeling a little angry since Eleanor,herself had copied the map all night. However, a strong rejection for giving up was arising up and suddenly, Eleanor stepped near to the bush and then began to plow! "Hey!Look what you're doing!" Kylie exclaimed. She was totally taken aback to see Eleanor doing such a thing. "I..I think I can feel things are getting hollow." Eleanor panted as she kept pushing the bush.

    Finally, thickets were broken and twisted. "What's that?" Startled, Kylie shouted and Eleanor's eyes went wide.

    Behind the thickets a passage was revealed!///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

    Written by_Eleanor_

    My apartment complex is related and stands next to the other apartment. They stay exceptionally close and I always wondered and pondered the way into the adjacent apartment because I somewhat took a fancy to there. As I love mysteries, I began to wonder about Hidden Passages in our apartment complex. Then one day, when I was looking out the window for some sort of refreshments, I saw that the adjacent apartment's resident's walking to a dead end. (At least I thought so at that time)

    But as I observed the dead end I figured out that it was a fence that was bored so that residents of both my apartment and adjacent apartment could enter each other's apartments!! I was totally, simply astonished and for the very first time in my life, I entered the adjacent apartment. I thought about the reasons why it's convenient when that fence-passage exists.

    I figured out that the adjacent apartment's residents needs to enter our apartment to walk their pets, (Their apartment, I mean the adjacent apartment with ours, is rather small. So it does not contain much places to walk around) and also to visit shops inside our apartment,etc. And the Reason for our apartment's resident's to use the fence-passage is to use the bus station which is related directly with the adjacent apartment. Even though many people knows the fence-passage, I was grateful and was very glad I found it because I had absolutely no idea about it before. And since I'm sure that there would be people who does not know about that passage, (Like I did few months ago) I will keep regarding it as one of the Hidden Passages...!!//////////////////////////

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