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  • To Me

    Hello, Peter. It's Me. Can I be your friend? I'm in the sixth grade. But I think I like fifth grade more. But I like sixth grade too. What's your favorite activity? Mine is soccer. Because I want to be a soccer player and I feel fantastic when I play soccer. And My favorite movie is Harry Potter. Because I couldn't imagine what would come next. And I think I like magic. Oh, And I will introduce My family. I have fifteen year old sister and she's sometimes good and sometimes bad. But mostly good. And I have My father and Mother. And I had a grab name Kiki. She died a few months ago. My favorite English book is Wimpy Kid and I don't have a favorite Korean book. And I went to the soccer academy on Wednesday and Friday. I like Friday more Because they are better at soccer than Wednesday. And I think it's enough for Today, and see you after I write this letter. 

    Bye Bye!!!~~~~~                                                                                                      

                                                                                                               From Me.

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