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  • [기타] Scary stories#1#man episodes
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  • *Don't, never read this at night.* 

    *You can only read this only if you had a strong heart.*


    A man was driving through a highway. Even the street lamps are getting dark. He drove faster.

    Soon he was out of gas. Suddenly, he saw something white moving ahead. He tried to ignore it. Then, a red handprint was printed on his

    right window. What could that be? Soon he had reached the gas station. He ask the worker to clean his car and add in more gas. 

    When It was time to pay, the worker said something shocking. 

    "Sir, the handprint is not on the outside. It is on the inside."

    Meaning: The ghost was inside the car, and was with him the whole time.


    A man was walking through a narrow street. He saw a beautiful picture of a black waterfall. And also, it was cheep. So he bought it right away. He loved looking at the painting. The the next day he was dead. 

    Meaning: The black waterfall was a ghost hair. And the ghost came out that night and killed the man.


    It was summer vacation! A teacher said to get a science book from the lab. When he went inside, the door slam shut. 

    After 20 days, the boy died. In the room, there was his diary. It was the last one.

    " I am so scared. And I was so hungry, that I ate a frog to survive. But I am not scared of being locked, or eating a frog.

     But the most scary thing is, through a key hole, I can see a red eye moving."

    Meaning: The person who had locked the boy inside was, the person who manages the school. He had wanted to see the boy dies.

                    This means that the person was a psycho. 

    That is the end. And I am going to write more of them.

    I hope you are not so scared.

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