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  • [편지] Lily Evanson's Dairy #3End
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  • Lily turned the book over.
    'I, the Phoenix wand made by Olivender, is very strong. Any of the wizards will admit it. Either of the Hogwarts children will pick up this wand in his or her hand...'
    The word Hogwarts was glazed in Lily's head.
    Lily felt like she was standing there for 10 minutes, or 30 minutes.
    "Ahem, Miss Evanson. Nice to meet you. Do you read only magazines, not books in the library?"
    Lily looked up. Lily saw the mother of Lily's friend Mirahel.
    My mother was rumored to be very scary in Mirahel.
    "Uh, hello... Oh, I was looking at some books..."
    Lily said with a hard smile.
    In fact, she was shaking. It was too frightening for Lily to stare terrifically frighteningly at the sight of it.
    Fortunately, Mirahel's mother turned her head and dragged her bumpy body away to the bookshelf on cooking.
    Lily sighed and went to Pitunia.
    Pitunia was writing something hard on a piece of paper
    "What are you writing?"
    "You don't need to know. You'll know if you're that Hogwarts or Ogart, anyway when you go to that school."
    Lily just got the hang of it.
    Pitunia wanted to go to Hogwarts too, and Sam was taking it out on Lily, and she was clearly writing to Professor Dumbledor that she would go too.
    Lily pretended not to know it and went to the school book club kids.
    I went to Jadele, a friend of Pitunia whom Lily knew.
    "Jadele, I'm going to borrow this book."
    "Ah.. lily this.. I don't think I can borrow it... It's such an old book.. I don't think I can borrow it..."
    "Please, just once!"
    "Phew, if you want to borrow like that... It's a secret... It's a real secret! I'll give you this book..."
    Lily giggled and said, almost screaming.
    "Wow, thank you so much."
    Lily signaled to Pitunia to go, and prepared to go.
    Lily shouted with excitement.
    "Let's go.. I'll be late for the train."
    "Wait, Honey. Get in the car now."
    Lily loaded the car with everything she needed to go to Hogwarts.
    Pitunia said she would sit in front of him, partly grumpy.
    Lily didn't know such a fitunia, and shouted with her hands up.
    "Let's go!"
    Lily jumped off after the car arrived.
    "Oh? There it is!"
    Lily happened to see some unusual boys walking through the wall and said.
    Lily looked at her mother.
    It was a very sad, good time. Lily said hello to her mom and dad, Pitunia, and ran towards the wall to go through it.
    What Lily saw as she walked through the wall was a smiling mom, dad, and a petunia who looked curious...
    This ended Lily's diary.
    - The end. -
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