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  • [창작동화] ZE:RO #prologue
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  • ZE:RO #prologue

     Evryone must have heard about zero,the most evil vilian in my town.I don't know why ZERO is doing  this..actually...he is not doing a THING like stealing money,killing people or like you know like what villilans usually do.I have no IDEA why people calling ZERO the villian.Well he did make a mess but...I don't think he really mean to do that.To be honest, their were more harmful villilans in last year.. 

    I'm Lena and I'm 17 and I enrolled in blackwoodhigh school.I really like my school it is soooo fun although exams are hard..but I really love my school.let me introduce more about it..I'm in a singing club.I really like singing  but I'm terrible at it so I'm a manger of our club's singers.(we are kind of  famous in our town) I like doing managing works which I'm good at.And the most thing I like from working in singing club is listening our singers singing..Their voice is like caramel..Introduce more, there are 3singers,Jenny,Kandra(she is my favorite) and John.Kandra really good at singing but she is not good friend of mine..She is little bit bossy and like you know the girls who thinks that they are the best in the whole world..My best friend is in the theater club.Her name is Sunny.She like acting so much.(and good at it)Well I was having a really normal and simple life before the concert.

    written by.KKA

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