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  • [창작동화] Drowned: 2. Mist elementury
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  • Drowned:
    Mist elementury
    After the girl's missing, Jack and Annie was scared to go to school.
    Every time they went, the bridge was gone.
    But the bridge maker always said; "We builded 4 bridges!"
    So they were confused.
    "Hey, I have a confusion." Annie said one day.
    "Why does our school is across the town?"
    "Because there WAS a town long ago, dummie." Jack responded.
    But he actually didn't know why either.
    The elementury's name was 'Mist elemt.'.
    It was because the school was always filled with mists.
    Every morning, most of the student's class shoes were bloody and covered with white mists.
    Every afternoon, the most of the classmates tripped over and had a cut in their knee.
    And every time they turned back, their eyes were blushed red from crying.
    Even the teachers didn't liked Mist element and Bloodake.
    All people in the town ignored the scary minds and always tried to live peaceful.
    But that day, everything changed.
    Someone was screaming in the lunch break.
    The scream was coming from the Bloodake.
    The teacher, Miss Anna ran over to see what was happening.
    Their classmate, Nikki was splashing hard in the Bloodake and calling for help.
    The pricipal, Violet struggled to pull Nikki.
    But something was pulling Nikki underwater, so nobody could pull her up.
    Finally, Violet accidently lose her grip and Nikki disappeared into the bloody water immediately.
    And Nikki's phone bag was all wet and bloody as Miss Anna got it off. 
    Nikki's parents and all the other parents rushed over.
    Nikki's parents sobbed, trying to make a bridge from a stone. 
    When they put their hand into the Bloodake, They got pulled again as the bridge disappeared again.
    Finally, the teachers and fathers pulled Nikki's father out, but Nikki's mother got tired and sunk to the deep, bloody lake.
    Now, the other parents got to the school's surface just in time as the last stone of the bridge was disappeared again.
    They had a school living place and another spooky places. 
    After the cafeteria teachers brought dinner, they moved to the living place named Dark bunk. 
    They didn't know there was a drowned thing in the lake...

    Don't miss part 3!!!
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