The Little bussiness #Chap.2 The missing swim suit | 리틀팍스
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  • [창작동화] The Little bussiness #Chap.2 The missing swim suit
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  • The Little buissness#2

    🎳Thanks for clicking! Please enjoy.. Even I am not that very great.

    "Hey, Kyile?" Helena stood up. "I'm leaving after this rest time ends. So.. see you the next day." "Okay."
    Kyile stood up too. "See you the next day."
    After Helena left, Kyile and May were only left. "Hey, I have to check up if I did my last day's homework."
    May murmered as she left. Soon, Andrew came to class. He looked surprised to see there wasn't Helena's bag in the classroom. "Hey, where did Helena go?" He asked May. "She left." May repiled, "Why?"
    "Um, I saw a swim suit. There was a name tag, and.." "It was Helena's?" May said before he finished his word. "Yeah." "Where?" "In the missed-things-box. I was looking for my sister's pencil.." 
    'Hm," May thought. 'He had an sister?' "What grade in your sister is in?" Andrew seemed suddenely nervous. "Um.. 2nd grade, and her name's Lucy. Why?" "Just asking. Can I ask if your sister if she often lose her pencil?"
    "Yeah!" Andrew laughed. "She really wanted to find her lost pink pencil. So she pleaded me to find it!"
    "So did you find it?" "No." Andrew repiled. "But why are you asking me? Are you suspicious of me? What for?" Andrew thought for a minute and asked, "Are you looking for the suit theif?" "Um.." May murmered. 
    "Sorta of.." What should she say?
    "Hey, Helena!" May yelled after the school was over. She was in the playground, as she spotted a same-looking person like Helena, passing the way with her parents.
    "Oh, May!" Helena said and said to her parents, "I met a friend of mine in school. You can go and I'll catch up to you in the market." Her mom agreed, so Helena got a moment to talk with May.
    "May! What happed to school?" Helena asked her. May told all the things had happened.
    "Um.. really? Are you sure? A pink pencil?" Helena said. She looked amazed. "Yeah. Why?" 
    "I never heard his sister, Luna, can see. I heard she can't see. I mean, she's visual impairment." "What?
    I heard and, her sister's name was Lucy. Luna?" "Um.. he must hadn't thought we were planning to find the culprit TOGETHER. Let's tell to the teacher the next day." "You can go?" "Sure.. I had an dentist appointment after the middle of the class." "Oh, great! Then see you in school." "Sure." Then, Helena left.

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