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  • [창작동화] Perhaps, Maybe_ Chap.9
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  • Perhaps , Maybe


    Hayley sighed. 

    Yesterday was so hard for her. And today seemed to be hard already, especially now she's on her way to go to school in a far - not the short one she usually walks - road. 

    Hayley had thought them three - Adrienne, Rosa and her - is good friends, and getting along well. But it turned out that they hated each other. And Hayley couldn't blame anyone.

    Hayley was a very kind-hearted person, so she couldn't think someone can be very evil.
    But in this case, it was clear that Rosa acted badly to Adrienne on purpose. So Hayley had promised Adrienne that she won't say anything with Rosa till them three can meet together.
    Anyway, Hayley had another problem. 'What if Rosa speak to me at the way going school?' She thought. 
    Rosa and Hayley's apartment were same, so they would run into each other, while going school. 
    What if Rosa spots her and began to talk about yesterday? No, Hayley couldn't let that happen. 
    So she was walking this big road.
    Hayley said, when she spotted the school finally. Then she climbed up the stairs with heavy footsteps.

    "Hi, Hayley!"
    Hayley looked back when she heard someone calling her name.
    "Hi, Mia. What's up?"
    It was Mia, one of Adrienne's friends. Adrienne had many friends, and they all knew that Hayley is her best friend.
    Mia shrugged.
    "Do you know where Adrienne is?"
    Hayley shook her head. "Nope. Isn't she at her classroom?"
    "Yes, so I thought you would know where she is."
    "Actually, I was going to her classroom to meet her. Maybe we should look for her."
    "Hmm, okay. See you then." Mia went away.
    "I wonder where she is," Hayley said to herself, looking for Adrienne. 
    She looked everywhere that she and Adrienne used to go together. But she couldn't find Adrienne.
    So Hayley finally gave up and began to go to her classroom - downstairs. 
    Then she spotted Rosa at the down side of the stairs. 
    Hayley felt little nervous to pass her, but then she got more surprised.
    Rosa was with Lauren Stewart!
    Hayley could hear Rosa saying, "...... It's done, right? Now I don't want to do anything with you anymore."
    Lauren tossed her hair in the air. 
    "Maybe. But you'll have to be careful not to tell anyone. Or else...... you know." She smirked.
    Rosa didn't say anything, just glared at Lauren. Then Lauren walked away.
    'Wow,' Hayley thought. 
    'Looks like Lauren Stewart and Rosa has something together.' She wondered what it could be.
    Rosa seemed to troubled, then suddenly she began to ran upstairs - before Hayley could move. 
    Crash! Rosa bumped hard to Hayley, and the two girls fell down from the stairs, rolling. 
    Bam! "Ouch!" Hayley cried, as she and Rosa landed hard on the ground.
    "I'm sorry," Rosa murmured, trying to get on her feet. But she collapsed down on the floor with a little shriek. Hayley got up - feeling dizzy - and went over to Rosa. "Are you okay?" 
    She said loudly, forgetting all the promises that she made with Adrienne.
    "Yes- no, I think I've hurt my ankle." Rosa said, struggled to stand up. 
    Hayley helped her get to her feet, and they went to the school nurse together.
    School nurse said Rosa's ankle ligament got stretched, and Hayley is okay -  just except some bruises and small cuts on her legs. She told the girls to stay in the infirmary for some minutes, and went to get some bandages.
    Hayley sat on a bed and looked at Rosa, who were rested on another bed. Rosa didn't say anything since the accident on the stairs happened. 
    But now, Hayley was sure Rosa has something to say to her because Rosa turned herself toward Hayley.
    "I can't stand it anymore," Rosa said abruptly. 
    "Hayley, there is something that I want to tell you." Her lips trembled as she said.
    Hayley could see Rosa's eyes were all red, like as if she's going to cry.


    Written by_ April28
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