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  • [편지] Dearest. Jane💙Erenica Ellen🤍Grace💚Diana❤Ellin🧡(Note)
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  • Dearest. Jane💙

    Good day! Thanks for lettering me so fast. And your letter is full of kindness and cheerful! 
    Thank you for that❤🧡💛💚💙
    And sorry I'd wrote to other person, but not you😢 I didn't saw your letter TT
    (5/27 was a holiday, so your letter didn't registered at 5/28)
    Well, yes! I did read your letter at Tuesday. And Awana Olympic is over now!
    Thank you so much for praying for me💕
    Yes, you know, our family and Ruth went to the camping!
    Camping was soooooo fun, isn't it?
    I want to go there again!😆
    And I'm so happy because we can meet again at this Saturday! Yay!!!!❤❤
    I hope Saturday comes very quick!

    Thank you 100X times🍀,

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    Dearest. Erenica Ellen🤍

    Hi! It's Lucy. Thanks for your letter💌
    Uh, no. I'm not writing relay novel with anybody.
    But thanks for saying you'll read mine.
    Oh, I'm sorry to hear that your novel is not very famous.
    Can you tell me the title of your novel? I could read it😊
    And I have questions to you.
    Actually, I'd asked you these questions before, but you didn't answered it😅
    Here's the questions again.
    1. Where do you live? I mean area, like Seoul.
    2. Do you have siblings?
    I hope you'll answer this time!
    Bye, have a good day💕

    Waiting for you,

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    Dearest. Grace💚

    Hi, it's Lucy! Thanks for your letter💌
    Yes, one of my brother is 19 years old.
    Oh, your brother makes your room messy? I'm sorry to hear that😅
    But your brother sounds like very cute.
    Green Rock homeschool? Wow, that's a unique name💚
    What's its meaning? And who named it? Your mom? Or dad?
    Yes, I'm going a homeschool meeting named 'Homeschool Awana'.
    Yep, I have friends there. Do you have homeschool friends too?
    Oh, Grace! Did you ever go to school or kindergarten? I'd never go to school or kindergarten even once.
    Well, I have to stop,,
    Bye! Have a nice day💕


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    Dear. Diana❤

    Oh, hi!! It's Lucy. Thank you for lettering me❣️ 
    I was very surprised when I read your letter, because I'd sent you a letter at same day(5/28) too!!!! 
    Oh yeah! Let's be friends😊
    You can call me as you like. Lucy is my English name, and Haru is my real(Korean) name.
    I'm ten years old, and I'm a girl of course.
    I love sports. My favorite sports is running, skating.
    Oh, and I'd introduce myself to you at this letter↓
    ( Please read it.
    I have some questions for you.
    1. What's your favorite animation in Little Fox?
    2. What's your hobby?
    3. What's your MBTI?
    I hope you'll answer my questions!
    I'm happy that we're friends now🤍

    Your friend,

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    Dearest. Ellin🧡

    Hi, it's Lucy.
    I'm waiting your letter!
    If you're busy, it's okay to letter me later.
    Have a good day💌


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