The Writers 30: Planet of Volcanoes and Dinosaurs | 리틀팍스
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  • [창작동화] The Writers 30: Planet of Volcanoes and Dinosaurs
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  • Chapter 30. Planet of Volcanoes and Dinosaurs

    Let's back to our characters. In a peaceful planet of volcanoes and dinosaurs, Wooga, my partner and I were being chased by dinosaurs.
    "Ahhh!" Wooga screamed, running with a spoon.
    He scooped some of his food.
    "Delicious," he said. "It's best to eat while I'm running away from a dinosaur."
    "Hurry!" my partner shouted, grabbing Wooga's arm as we ran.
    But the dinosaur was too large to escape from it. Suddenly, it stomped on my partner!
    "In memory of," I said. "The dinosaur."
    Just then, my partner musclized himself and killed the dinosaur!
    "He still has the muscular body," I said.
    "Ahead we go!" my partner yelled.
    However, a volcano just erupted. Lava covered us!

    -To be continued...- 
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다음글 LucyㅣHaru|2023-05-31