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  • [편지] Dear. Peter, Camembert, Diana, Ellin+Erenica Ellen :)
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  • Dear. Peter⚽️

    Hi! Nice to see you again!
    Wow, indeed you gave me lots of questions! But don't sorry for that. I like questions :)
    Well, I'll answer you with my questions first, and answer the questions of my brother later. Here's my answers!
    I like Harry Potter. BUT my mom doesn't like it, so she don't allow me to watch(or read) Harry Potter!!!! 
    So I can't watch it or read it T.T  
    My favorite color is violet🟪 brother is kind, I guess. But you know, it's hard(?) to admit my brother is kind. ha-ha🤣
    Now about my brother's questions.
    My brother's name is Nathan. And about Harry Potter, he's same with me(doesn't allowed).
    He's not a soccer player, and likes Son of course! And he doesn't playing FIFA mobile.
    I'd answered you all the questions!
    I have some questions for you too.
    1. What's your favorite color?
    2. What's your MBTI?
    I hope you'll answer these!
    Bye, till next letter😊

    Your friend,

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    Dear. Camembert🍀

    Hi, April here! Thank you so much for the faster reply💌
    I'll answer your questions first!
    Yes, I have siblings. Actually, I'm the second of four siblings......ha-ha😅 
    I want to be the only child sometimes. It looks very lucky!
    My birthday is - my nickname!(april28) April 28th is my birthday. Ooh, your birthday is in coming! I'll congrats you at 6/19 :)
    Wow! You're going Je-ju island this week? Of course I understand you can't letter me while at Je-ju. 
    Good luck with the trip!🍀 Yeah, don't come, typhoon!
    Thanks for saying that I'm smart ^^;; Well, you seem to be the Gold hands. I think I'm the one who's 'bronze hands' 🤣
    Yes! I can play that three instruments. I want to learn more - like flute, bass guitar, or cello! What's your favorite instrument among the piano, viola and ukulele?
    Oh, you like Anne series too? Did you read all the books of Anne(there is 10 following books! Anne of Green Gables~Further Chronicles of Avonlea) then? and Wow, you'd wrote book report about Anne for two times, and got prizes?? I think you're the one smart!🤩
    Thanks for the recommendation! I'm going to search for that books in library. And about my recommendation, Dr. Dolittle can be boring to some person. So if you get bored while reading that, I recommend 'Treasure Island', 'Swallows and Amazons', 'count of Monte Cristo' instead.
    Oh, you does like making stories? Hmm, you'd wrote many novels year ago?! Well, that reminds me! Will you like to write a relay novel in here? I'm doing it, and it's very fun!
    Ohh, this letter became a very long one. Sorry for that,, I hope you don't get boring while reading😅
    Thank you for reading❤ Bye!
    Have a great time at Je-ju island!


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    Dear. Diana :)

    Hi, Diana! It's April. Thank you for answering me!
    I'm glad to be a member of SS club too.
    I'm seventeen(born in 2007th) years old. I guess I'm the oldest in SS club, and LFEW😅
    Yes, It's okay to write my age to the profile. Thanks for letting me know that!
    Oh, you haven't thought about ending this club? Okay😊
    Again, thank you for letting me to be a member of your club!
    Have a good day❤


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    Dear. Ellin, Erenica Ellen =)

    Hi, It's April! I hope you two had a good day today :)
    Well, I guess you didn't noticed my letter, Ellin!
    And Erenica, I suppose you can't answer me till June 2nd. Am I right?
    I'll wait for your letters!
    Have a nice day❤



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