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  • [창작동화] Japan cat_1
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  • Japan Cat_1


    i am a cat.But It wasn't like that before.I was a human being.

    But..now..i am a cat.

    subsequently,I became a kitten.white kitten.


    Besides, the person who raises me is a siblings.um,i hate siblings.because,i am a girl.and Two of them are men.

    There are three of them.Their eyes are mysterious.But they are strange.The first is あきやま ゆめ(Akiyama yu-me), a man and 19 years old.It has very long gold hair.The second is あきやま かわ(Akiyama ka-a), a man and 17 years old.He likes fantasy novels, so he carries an encyclopedia every day.The third is あきやま いい(Akiyama E-E), a woman and 14 years old.She's very cute.And her dream is to be an idol.

    There are other cat here.she name is rya.I can't speak human anymore.But I can speak the cat words.And I can understand the cat's words.

    rya say.

    "lea-n,come on."

    "o,thank you rya."

    um,be in trouble!


    There's a Japanese in the novel.

    If you don't speak Japanese, look up the dictionary.

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