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  • [편지] Dearest. Ellen(Erenica)
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    | 추천수: 0 | 등록일: 2023.5.31 오전 12:12
  • Dearest. Ellen💗,

    Hello? Ellen, thank you for lettering me anyway.

    Of course I'll wait for you.

    And also, thank you for reminding me!

    I almost forgot you will letter me at 6/2..😅

    Anyway! I'll wait for you until 6/2.

    And I should say- your letter was really a good letter!

    I mean the letter you wrote, was true letter to me.

    And besides, it was long too!

    So I am just happy.

    Oh, no! I'm sooooo sorry but I have to stop.

    BYE! have a nice day💜

    Yours Truly,

    From. Jane

    (P.S If you read it, please click 'Fantastic'? Thanks💖)

이전글 anna121|2023-05-31
다음글 바둑영재준후|2023-05-30