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  • [창작동화] Raindrop_ Chapter 6
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  • Raindrop



    "Oh! Lady Choi! I don't know what had happened to me. I guess I am so tired and my ears got crazy, right? please say yes!" Yoon-bi said to Lady Choi. She was in panic. How could it be happened? besides, they met just yesterday. And they don't know each other well. Actually, they don't know each other about nothing. Yoon-bi couldn't believe her ears. Anyone would in this situation. 

    "Please say something about this." Yoon-bi said, still shocked. 
    "Um... I have to say your ears aren't hurt Your Highness." Lady Choi said carefully.

    "No! that can't be. I even don't know him well. And I don't like him of course!" Yoon-bi said with a trembling voice.

    "You should follow your father's order, Your Highness." Lady Choi blurted out.

    Yoon-bi couldn't stand it. She wanted this was all a dream. And she needed to check. So she hit her cheek. But indeed it hurts.

    She ran away toward her room, crying. She wanted to stop. But tears kept falling down. It wasn't matter. Cause she couldn't care about it now. There was one thing that came into her mind-'What happened to me?'

    Now, she was crying, sitting on her bed. Many Ladies came and they tried to comfort her. But her feelings didn't changed a bit. She cried for an hour. It was not fare. She doesn't want to marry. But everyone is making her to do. Yoon-bi's feeling was bad, in other word- the worst. 

    Lady Choi suddenly came in to Yoon-bi's room. 

    "You should come out for lunch Your Highness." Lady Choi said, softly.

    "Do you think I can eat?" Yoon-bi said, weakly.

    "Well, no. But still, you should eat Your Highness." Lady Choi said.

    "You are correct. And I can't eat even if you say I should." Yoon-bi said.

    "Please get ready. You should go even if you don't want to Your Highness." Lady Choi said.

    Yoon-bi gave up and get dressed. But tears kept rolling down. And Yoon-bi try to stop. She will look so ugly if she cries. 

    And finally, tears stop rolling down. And Yoon-bi washed her face. While doing that, she thought- 'Why did he choose me?'

    She couldn't find an answer for that. Still can't when she was sitting on a chair in the dinning room. There was Se-won too.

    And Yoon-bi tried to not to look at him. But Yoon-bi felt Se-won is staring at her. But maybe just because she is thinking.

    Yoon-bi couldn't eat even a little bit. She tried to eat, but she couldn't swallow anything. 

    After the lunch, it was time to walk with Jeong-woon. But Yoon-bi was not sure she can. Still, Yoon-bi knew Jeong-woon will wait for her and also, somehow taking a walk always gave good energy to Yoon-bi. So she decide to do it. Even if she can't.

    So she dressed up to her black dress. She choose to wear violet dress, but she wasn't in good mood and she wasn't bright now. So she wear black dress instead of pretty violet dress. 


    "Hello, Your High... I mean Miss Violet." Jeong-woon said, poiltly.

    "Yes. Hello." Yoon-bi said, weakly. 

    "Uh... Dose something wrong had happened?" Woon said.

    "Yes. it's wrong. It shouldn't be happened." Yoon-bi said, trying not to cry.

    "Okay. Let's talk more while we walk." Woon said as he starting walking toward the road. 

    Yoon-bi nodded with out saying a word. She was trying to not let tears fall. 

    "So now, what had happened?" Woon asked, carefully.

    "I'll explain you everything." Yoon-bi said.

    Then, Yoon-bi told Woon about everything. She thought she shouldn't tell everything, but she couldn't help herself.

    "Oh...Uh...Hmm..." Woon said as he listen. 

    "That's all happened today." Yoon-bi said, tearfully.

    "I think it is shocking news." Woon said. He looked shock to.

    "Yes it is for sure." Yoon-bi said, nodding slowly.

    "I think you should talk to the King, I mean your father once again." Woon said.

    "Do you think so? maybe you are right. But... I can't. I think the things will go even worse." Yoon-bi said.

    "Like what?" Woon asked.

    "Well, I am not sure with that. But still, I think the things will go worse." Yoon-bi said.

    "Hmm... You are right. But I think it will not hurt anyone." Woon said.

    "I think you should try it anyway." He added.

    "Are you really sure?" Yoon-bi asked.

    "Yes. I am pretty sure." Woon said.

    "Then, I should follow your opinion." Yoon-bi said, looking at Woon.

    "That's good." Woon said, cheerfully.

    Somehow, Yoon-bi felt little more okay. Maybe because she decide what to do. And maybe because she have someone to talk sincerely. Jeong-woon and Yoon-bi were almost at Yoon-bi's room again. Yoon-bi said good-bye to Jeong-woon and she got into her room. Suddenly, Lady Choi came in, breathlessly. 
    "Princess Sul-yeon wants you Your Highness." She said.

    "Ugh! Why should I?" Yoon-bi muttered to herself.

    "Okay. I will go." Yoon-bi said.

    And Yoon-bi walked toward Sul-yeon's room. Again, Sul-yeon's room looked pretty. But it didn't looked that nice this time. 

    "Oh, you are here." Sul-yeon said, trying to be poilte.

    "Yes. Thank you for greeting me." Yoon-bi said.

    "Good. Ladies, can you go outside?" Sul-yeon said.

    "Yes. Your Highness." All of the Ladies said at once.

    "First, I should say- congrats! I heard about that news." Sul-yeon said with a grin.

    "What news?" Yoon-bi asked, even though she already know the answer.

    "I know you will marry with Se-won. So I am talking about this news." Sul-yeon said.

    "Okay. But never mind about that." Yoon-bi said.

    "Why should I never mind about that?" Sul-yeon asked.

    "Because you are you, and I am I." Yoon-bi answered, frowning a little.

    "Hmph!" Sul-yeon said.

    "Can I go now?" Yoon-bi said.

    "No. not now." Sul-yeon said, staring at Yoon-bi.

    "Anyway. So why did you called me?" Yoon-bi asked.

    "I was trying to say that!" Sul-yeon snapped.

    "Than, go now." Yoon-bi said.

    "I want to asked you about something- why are you walking around this days?" Sul-yeon asked, picking her tea spoon.

    "Because that gives me energy and good feelings." Yoon-bi answered.

    Yoon-bi was tired of being answering all of Sul-yeon's questions. She didn't want to answer her. And she wanted to be her room. And talking with Ga-on. But the things didn't work out to Yoon-bi's wishes.

    Sul-yeon kept asking thousands of questions to Yoon-bi. And she should answer all of those. And she couldn't say 'No.'

    Time passed away while answering Sul-yeon. And Yoon-bi needed to think herself before the situation get more worse. 

    "I have to go now." Yoon-bi said finally.

    "Hmm... Okay. Now, you may go." Sul-yeon said.

    "Thank you." Yoon-bi said.

    She was glad to get out of Sul-yeon's room. It made her dizzy. She fall to the nearest chair when she was now in her room. 

    Lady Choi helped her get dressed in a comfortable cloths. 
    "Please call Ga-on. I need her." Yoon-bi said, weakly.

    "Yes. Your Highness." Lady Choi said.


    "I can't believe that!" Ga-on said.

    "Yes. Me too." Yoon-bi agreed.

    "I think you should meet the king as soon as possible." Ga-on said, thinking hard.

    "Hmm... Maybe I can meet him tomorrow." Yoon-bi said, nodding.

    "That's good. Anyway. I am mad with the boy. What was his name..." Ga-on said.

    "His name is Se-won." Yoon-bi corrected her.

    "Oh, yes. He is rude! how dare he can decide to choose you without your permission." Ga-on said. She looked mad.

    "I think he is rude too. But never mind him! I need to focus how to make my father don't want I'll marry." Yoon-bi said.

    "You are right. I will try to not to think about that rude boy." Ga-on said, still looked angry.

    Two friends went on, talking. Yoon-bi was quite happy to have such a good friend. It made her feelings little bit better.

    "I think I have to go now." Ga-on said, sadly.

    "Okay. Please visit me tomorrow." Yoon-bi said, smiling a little.

    "Of course I'll come back tomorrow. I have to hear um... News about what had happened." Ga-on said cheerfully.

    And Ga-on went out from Yoon-bi's room. Yoon-bi was now felt little bit better because talking with her best friend always made her feelings good. It was getting dark. And Yoon-bi noticed she need to go to the dinning room again for dinner. 

    Lady Choi helped Yoon-bi get dressed again. then, they go to the dinning room. Yoon-bi was nervous. Cause she should meet everyone. And for now, that was scary thing to do. So Yoon-bi took a deep breath before she open the door. 

    "Oh, you are here!" The king said, smiling.

    "Yes. Thank you." Yoon-bi said, trying to be cheerful.

    Yoon-bi sat down on her chair. She didn't, she couldn't eat. So Yoon-bi just sat and listen the other's talk.

    "Ahem! I want to say to you both." The king said, pointing at Yoon-bi and Se-won. 

    "Well, I hope you two can marry in about five month." The king said, carefully.

    Suddenly, all of the people went in to silence. Yoon-bi was shocked again. This can't be happen. She is still quite young to marry. And the most important thing is- she don't know Se-won well. And of course she don't like him. 

    Yoon-bi wished she could go back to her room and just cry. But it was still dinner time. And Yoon-bi didn't have a choice but wait till the dinner time is over. 

    "What do you think? I want to hear your opinion." The king broke the silence.

    "I can't do that father!" Yoon-bi blurted out.

    Everyone looked surprised. Yoon-bi never said such a thing like that. Actually, Yoon-bi herself was surprised too. Maybe more then other people. Luckily, the dinner time was over and Yoon-bi got up and went out quickly.

    "I can't believe it!" Yoon-bi said as she jumping on to her bed.

    "Please don't care about it so much. You said firmly and I'm sure King will think about it again. Your Highness" Lady Choi said.

    Yoon-bi didn't say a word. She couldn't believe all this situation. Her feeling finally become- worst.


    The sun was so bright and the birds were singing happily. It was the next day of dreaded thing happened. Yoon-bi was still sleeping. She need to talk with King. But after she heard what does he want, she was so afraid to do that.  

    "Please wake up Your Highness." Lady Choi said.

    Yoon-bi get up. And Lady Choi helped her changing cloths. Yoon-bi choose dark-blue dress. Then she washed her face and she went out. Because she should eat breakfast. When she come into the room, everyone was looking at the ground and no one say a word. Yoon-bi sat down quietly. And until everyone finish eating, everyone was silence. 

    It was time for Yoon-bi to take a walk. Even her condition was bad, she went out. 

    "You are here, Miss Violet." Jeong-woon said, smiling.

    Yoon-bi just waved her hand and didn't say. 
    "Did the things got wrong?" Woon asked.

    "Yes." Yoon-bi answered shortly.

    "Hmm... I think you should tell me. Cause maybe I can help you." Woon said.

    "Alright" Yoon-bi said.

    Yoon-bi explained everything to Jeong-woon. 
    "Oh, my!" Woon said after Yoon-bi finished telling.

    "I think you should talk with King. Even though it's very hard." Woon said.

    "Are you sure?" Yoon-bi asked.

    "Yes. If you just stay and don't say a word, the things can be grow worst." Woon said.

    "Okay. I think it will not hurt someone." Yoon-bi said, nodding.

    "Oh, we are already here. Let's meet tomorrow again, Miss Violet." Woon said, cheerfully.

    "Good bye." Yoon-bi said.

    Yoon-bi was now in her room again. She thought she need to talk with King. 

    "Lady Choi, I have to meet my father." Yoon-bi said.

    "Yes. Your Highness." Lady Choi said.

    Then Yoon-bi was now standing outside of the King's room. Yoon-bi slowly went in there. 

    "Oh, Yoon-bi you are here." King said.

    "Yes. I have to talk to you." Yoon-bi said.

    Then, Yoon-bi said her all of her mind to King. King listened carefully until Yoon-bi was finished.

    "Okay. You may can marry more later. But I can't promise you will not marry with him. He choose you. Not me." King said.

    "Uh... I don't have any other choice?" Yoon-bi asked.

    "I'm sorry." King said.

    Yoon-bi stood up and she ran out of the room. Tears rolled down her cheeks.

    Suddenly, she bumped in to someone. It was- Se-won!

    Written By_ Jane

    Next_ April

    I am sorry for this bad chapter...TT 

    And sorry for not end this chapter well.

    Sarah, you don't need to sorry. I understand you!




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