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  • [창작동화] Raindrop_ Chapter 5
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  • Raindrop



    Yoon-bi was at her room. she smiled. 

    "Miss Violet..." 

    that was a funny, but pretty name. she thought that she could wear her Violet-colored dress for walk with Jeong-woon. 

    that was a dress, that is very long. Yoon-bi didn't wear that cloth much, but she decited to wear it. 

    when Yoon-bi was talking and thinking with herself, Lady Choi called her. 

    "Your Highness! it's dinner time. and a speacial guest is in the palace, so you must behaive Yourself." 

    Yoon-bi was curious of that speacial guest, but she had no time to think of that. so she quickly change her clothes into her eating clothes and hurried outside. 

    Lady Choit let her to the table, and close the door of the eating room. 

    when Yoon-bi get inside, she find the face that she don't know. so she knew, that he was a guest. the guest was siting right next to her brother, Lee-hong.  he and the guest was talking to each other. 

    "You must say hello to the guest. his name is Kim Se-Won. he is friends with Crown Prince, Lee-hong Highness. "

    said a servant name, Mul-eun to Yoon-bi. 

    she nodded her head and greet the speacial guest. (but Yoon-bi cannot find a 'speacial' from him.)

    "greetings, Se-won. I'll do best for You." 

    Yoon-bi said. 

    "that was a short hello I'd ever seen. well, thanks Your Highness." 

    Se-won bow to her. Yoon-bi raised her hands, and Se-won raised his head. 

    Yoon-bi quickly sat down next to Sul-yeon, and other Princess. the Servant's let out lots of foods. 

    noddles, buns, potato, ricecakes, soup, and others. Yoon-bi drank some barley tea and ate some potatoes. then, she waited for other peoples finish eating.

    a few minutes past, and everyone finished they're dinner. 

    "everyone is standing up. we must stand up too." said Sul-yeon. 

    that night, Yoon-bi thought about Se-won. he was not handsome, then... somebody she know. 

    she can't think that face that she think's handsome. so she quickly went to sleep. 

    the next day, Lady Choi quickly call her. 

    "Your Highness! Your Highness! wake up! the King is calling You!"

    Yoon-bi wake up and washed her face. then, she changed her clothes. 

    "well, the King is asking me to come? this is my studying time, so he will never call me..." 

    Yoon-bi said to Lady Choi. 

    "never mind for that, Your Highness. You're going to mar- oh, never mind!" 

    Lady Choi was strange. but Yoon-bi didn't mind- as Lady Choi told her to do. 

    when they arrived to the room where King was, Lady Choi walked in first. 

    "my Lord, the Princess is in here."

    "let her in." 

    when King told Yoon-bi to get in, she and Lady Choi walked inside togeather. 

    "oh, my Loving Princess! You are here, I was waiting for You!"

    King hug Yoon-bi with one arm, and quickly sat down again. Yoon-bi sat down to her sit and look around. she notice that she was only. there was no Princess, like Sul-yeon, and Dan-ye. 

    Yoon-bi decited to ask why other Princess's arn't there, but notice something. 

    there was Se-won in the room! why he is here? is he... going to talk with her..? 

    Yoon-bi don't like to talk with him. but she know, that she cannot choose someone that she could talk to. 

    when Yoon-bi was thinking fast, the King spoke up. 

    "Yoon-bi, I had called You, because I have something really important to tell You. Se-won was in the Palace, because his father and I wanted to make one Princess marry with him. so we ate dinner with him. he watch the Princess eating, and choose the Princess! and.. he choosed You! and I'm going to make You to marry with him. don't You think that is cool? 

    he's father and I are very close, and Se-won is rich!" 

    "oh,.. father...!! no, I'll never do that, never! I don't want to marry, I am only 12 years-old! I am too young to marry. please.." 

    Yoon-bi never wanted to marry with Se-won. she didn't like him. 

    "oh.. Yoon-bi... oh, well. today isn't the day anyway. now, You can go now." 

    the King said. 

    Yoon-bi quickly went outside with Lady Choi. the bad thing had happend. 

    Written By_ Sarah

    Next_ Jane 

    oh... sorry for too short, bad writing... please forgive me!! and the camping was great, hugh? but it was little bit tired for me, so I slept long last night. 

    as I had told You, our house's Wi-Fi was not good, so my novel was late. I'll right OFF fast too, Jane! sorry T.T

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