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  • [창작동화] Over the wall #3
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  • Fish never climbed the wall. He had climbed trees and rocks but there's no walls in forest. So Fish was nervous. But this is what Fish want to do in his life. Fish decided to try climb the wall. It was harder than he thought. But he finally climb the wall. With some help, Tree did, too. The dog said,"Hello. My name is Goldy. I'm Golden Retriever. Nice to meet you." "Nice to meet you, too" Fish said. Suddenly Tree leaped back. There was another dog, growling. "That's Fellow. She has puppys, so don't go there or she'll bite you." Goldy said. "Okay. Why did you let us come in?" Tree asked. "I want to know too." growled Fellow. "Some people make cats hurt. Even dogs. But some people-like my master-are kind to the animals. I just want to tell you this : if you are in danger because of person, come to my house then me and master and maybe Fellow wil help you. Okay?" Goldy said. "Okay, thank you."Fish said. "You're so kind" Tree said. "Yes, too kind. Sometimes it's problem" said Fellow. "Noo.It's not problem. It's good thing doesn't it?"Goldy said. "Whatever."mumbled Fellow. Suddenly, door of house opened.
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