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  • [독후감] Great-Grandpa in the litter box
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    | 추천수: 1 | 등록일: 2024.5.20 오후 5:44
  •  the Zack files (book report)

    Today I read the 'Zack files-Great-Grandpas in the litter box'

    It was my first English book report.

    So understand me if I don't write the sentences perfectly.

    Well, the Great-Grandpas in the litter box was a pretty funny book.

    I'll tell you the story.

    First, Zack went to the cat shelter to raise the cat.

    Zack wants to raise a tuxedo cat, but the other cat says he was his reincarnated great-grandfather Julius.

    So Zack takes the cat home.

    He said he wanted to see his daughter, so Zack and his father took the cat to Grandma.

    But Zack realized he didn't know anything about his grandma.

    Then the cat said he was his reincarnated great-grandfather Morrce.

    He said he had money in a bank, so Zack's father helped him.

    Then the cat goes to the cat hotel with the money.

    I don't think Zack shouldn't believe the cat because he lie before. And it was pretty suspicious for lying before. Maybe he was just a rare talking cat. I wonder what happens to the cat next. Well, it was a fun book.

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