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  • [창작동화] Sun shower #2
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  •   Eris thought for a long time. She really wanted to make Ariana feel sad and bad. She couldn't see Ariana smiling. She wanted to make Arianna less than her. 

    'How can I make her upset...' She thought. 

    Then Eris came up with a great idea. She pulled out a note and a pen. She started to write on it. 

    • slander - tells others that Ariana is too kind. (You have to start it in about 2~3 weeks. )

    • break Ariana and Julian apart. - Use a boy. 

    • make Ariana and Julian fight. Act like I'm not the one who started the fight. 

    • get along with Julian. She'll hate it. 

    Eris looked at her note. She made a small smile. She was sure of this plan. 

      The next day, Eris came to her class fast. She looked at Ariana's seat. She was not there like usual. Today, Eris was going to be friends with her. For sure, she was going to 'act' like she was going to be friends with her. Ariana seemed to be easy to be friend and trusted someone very easily. But first, she should make a boy to be for her to use. She looked around. There was a boy who sitting in his seat. It was Gale. Gale was not that smart or handsome, but he was talented in sports so he was famous in boys and some girls. 

    'That's it. I'll use him. '

    Eris walked to Gale. She looked at him. He looked up to Eris too. Eris smiled at him. 

    "Hi! You're... Gale, right?"

    Gale blushed. He seemed to have a crush on Eris. Eris knew that too

    "Yes. Hi, Eris..." Gale mumbled. 

    "Oh, you remembered my name! How thankful! Can I be your friend?"

    "Sure! I'd like to be your friend!" 

    Gale's face turned more red. His face was now like a ripe tomato. She smiled at him. Then Eris opened her mouth. 

    "See you again!" 

    "Yeah, bye." 

    Eris came to her seat. In about a minute, Ariana came in with a yawn. She looked sleepy. Erica looked at her and made a bad smile. 

    'Now the plan begins.' 

    She walked to Ariana. She looked sleepy. When Eris came to Ariana, she looked up. 

    "Hi, Eris! May I help you?" 

    Ariana said with a bright voice. Eris was a bit angry because of that voice, but she acted like happy. 

    "Hello, Ariana. Wants to eat this?"

    She handed over a piece of chocolate. Ariana looked good. 

    "Thank you! How did you know that I like chocolate?" 

    "Really? I like chocolates too. "

    They talked for a minute. When other kids came to Ariana, Eris glowered at them. They couldn't get to her. She could have a time with her. 

      About two weeks passed. Now, Almost everyone was talking about Ariana badly. They said that Ariana was acting like she was kind. Now, everyone was avoiding Ariana. This rumor's start was Eris. She told Gale about that and the rumor began. Gale told other students about that. It was like 'Ariana is acting kind because she's trying to get other's things. She first got a chocolate. Now, she's getting expensive things from other students.' The rumor was too real to say it was not. But only one person, Julian was with Ariana. They were always together. Even others didn't like Ariana anymore, she had a big smile on her face. Eris was very angry with it. She wanted to make that smile to a crying face. Now, Eris moved to plan 2. It was the plan breaking them apart. 

      Eris asked Gale to talk with Ariana. Gale who liked her nodded and went to Ariana. Eris looked at Gale's back. 

    'He's a bit dumb but he's useful.' 

    Now, Eris went to Julian. She looked at him. 

    "Hi! Can I talk to you for a minute?" 

    "Sure. What's up?" Julian answered. 

    "You're Ariana's boyfriend, right?" 

    "How did you know that?"

    "I heard from others. But I'm wondering. Why are you alone?"

    "What do you mean?"

    "Oh, you didn't know that?' Eris acted like she was surprised. 

    "Ariana's playing with another boy. I saw her telling him "I like you." ."

    "What?!" Julian stood up and ran to where Ariana was. When he arrived, Ariana was talking with Gale like Eris said. Julian was furious. He looked at Ariana and shouted at her. 

    "What are you two doing!"

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