Sun Shower #1 | 리틀팍스
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  • [창작동화] Sun Shower #1
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  • It was a great sleep time. Then Her phone rang. She litched for Her phone but She fell off the bed. "Aha!!!" She cried. Arianna is 18 years 18-year-old smart, kind, and pretty Girl. but one thing that Arianna likes is her power. She can make Her invisible all the time when She wants to. And She also has super strength. So She can lift anything except impossible things. And She likes to sleep. So She wanted to sleep more. Her phone was still ranging. And She looked at Her phone and gasped. It was 8:30. She was late for her class! She quickly dressed and ran out the door. And when She opened the door and walked into the classroom. "Sorry, professor," Arianna said. The professor kindly grinds at Arianna. Because She was smart and every teacher liked her. And She sat next to Julian. “Hi, Arianna” Julian said. He is Arianna’s boyfriend. And to Arianna, happy class started because She likes math. Then the class door opened and a Girl that never seen came in. “Hi, I’m Eris. I am from L. A and I like to read books and exercise too. Nice to meet you.” said Eris. Then she put a grin on Her face. And the class cheered. “Oh, Eris there’s a sit next to Justin.” And after the class, Eris thought everyone would want to say Hello, but no one did. And those days that Eris hate passed through a month. She couldn't stand on more like this. Because the last school, She was the famous one. But here Arianna was. And Eris felt jealous of Arianna. And days fast and jealousy grew more. And Eris thought. ‘What could I do?’    

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