Dinosaur internet. 2: Tell about 'Dinosaur internet' to John | 리틀팍스
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  • [창작동화] Dinosaur internet. 2: Tell about 'Dinosaur internet' to John
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  •  "Hi! My name is Kirano. And today I'll tell you about what dinosaurs how to rest. Usally dinosaurs play games, or doing social media. I can't tell all about. It's too many!" 

     Se Yeon stopped the vidio. It's time for eat dinner. 

     'Maybe I can watch vidio after I eat dinner.'

     Se Yeon ate dinner. It was delicious. Son Yeon said to her mom.

     "Mom, It's tired to study. I have midterm 20 days later. AAAAAAAAK. I'm sleepy now."

     Mom said.

     "Son Yeon. Good luck."

     Son Yeon said.

     "Ok, mom. Thanks for said 'Good luck'."

     Son Yeon sat up. Then, Son Yeon go to her room.

     When Se Yeon ate dinner, mom said.

     "Se Yeon, do you know John Smith?"

     "John Smith?"

     "Yes, John Smith."

     "I don't know him."

     "John Smith is the scienetist and archeologist. I'm his friend."


     Se Yeon said. Mom said.

     "Se Yeon, John Smith research about dinosaurs now."



     "Is he busy now?"

     "Maybe not. Korea is Saturday moring now. Maybe there will be Friday night. John sleeps when It's 1'o clock now. Maybe John will be not busy."

     "I want to speak with him."


     "Because I can help he's research."

     "Um............ Ok."

     Mom gave a Se Yeon. Mom said.

     "I can message to him."

     Se Yeon clicked the application called 'Message'. Se Yeon found message called 'John'. Se Yeon clicked. Se Yeon began to wrote to him.

     Hello, Dr. Smith. I'm my mom, Da Okk's daughter, Se Yeon. I find speical things. I heard You're research about dinosaurs. I heard from my mom. Maybe I can help you. The application called 'Dinosaur internet' downloaded suddenly one day. I clicked 'Dinosaur Internet'. Dinosaur internet is just like You]] and In]]gram. But dinosaur internet has only one different. It's there aren't any person. There are only dinosaurs. Maybe you can research about dinosaurs here.

     Dr. Smith. Have a good one!

     Se Yeon

     Se Yeon sent message.

     Meanwhile............. John was resting. Ring, Ring. John hold the phone. There was the message. 

     "What that message come from?"

     It was from Da Okk, no, Se Yeon. John read what Se Yeon wrote. John said to himeself.

     "It must be not truth."

     Suddenly, the phone was dead. John said to himeself.

     "What happed........."

     Then suddenly, the phone on. John said.

     "The phone is on!"

     But something was different. There wasn't Internet. Instead there was 'Dinosaur internet'. John shouted.

     "Se Yeon was right!"

     TO BE CONTINUED......


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