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  • [편지] Dear. Eleanor, Half-moon Chest Cat, Emily(Emily 0814)
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  • September 27

    Dear. Eleanor💜🤍,

    WOW! Thank you for a thousand times sending me an amazingly-long letter!

    I was very touched by your letter :)
    It was so sweet, amazing, exclusive, marvelous, and gorgeous🤍

    Oh, you think writing diaries will be okay?
    Thanks for telling me your opinion so kindly :D

    You think it'll be possible to write book report in that way I suggested?
    That's cool! Then I wanna ask something.

    What series(story) in Little Fox you want to write as a book report?

    I won't mind anything if that's the one I watched too.

    You really must love writing then!
    Well, me too. But sometimes I get tired of writing...;;

    Yep! I'm going grandma's house.

    Ooh, you and your family will rest?
    That's very good! I hope you'll have a great times :)
    Thanks again for saying I'm tall...

    Oh I see! I knew it for your profile shows it.

    I suppose you're born to be great at English!

    I'm jealous(?) of you for your writing abilities.

    I think writing English diary in here is very hard.

    You should be selected if you want to write.

    And that really must be so hard for so many people try out.

    That's the reason why I even don't try..Ha-ha🤭

    That's so great! If you enter dubbing festival, I'm sure you'll be selected!

    Me too! I'm going to to have qualification exam next year, on April.

    Thank you for saying you like my English name =)

    Well, my first English name was Crystal.

    And.. Um.. I started to don't like that name.

    It sounds so silly to me now...;;

    So, I was just thinking what name will suit me.

    I know the name - Jane isn't suit me.

    But I think it's the best I could choose.

    Still, I'm wondering what if I change my name someday..
    Can I ask you a question?
    When is your birthday? 
    I want to congrats you if I can..!

    I almost forgot to say this!

    I like your letter's style so much><
    It's so cute, pretty, and adorable💜

    Oh dear! Sorry but times scares me again..TT
    Bye! And have a bright day💙

    With All My Heart,

    From. Jane

    (P.S Please click 'Fantastic' if you read this letter! Thanks❣❣)

    September 27

    Dear. Half-moon Chest Cat🌙,

    Hi? I'm Jane :)

    I know it's quite sudden but I want to be your friend!

    I saw you're a girl and 13 years old from your LFHC profile.

    Speaking of LFHC, I'm a member of LFHC too!

    I hope we can do many good things in there🤍
    Anyway, I am a 12-years-old-girl.

    And my English ability isn't good, you see.

    But I'll try my best to reply you quickly :D

    But sometimes, my letters can be late..;;

    Now, I'll introduce myself :)
    1. My favorite color is purple, light blue, mint, white, and black.

    2. My favorite season is Spring, but I like all the seasons though.

    3. My hobbies are drawing, sleeping(?), and Ballet.

    Well, I guess that's quite enough!

    You can ask me anything if you want to know.

    Sorry this letter is too short..TT
    But I have to go now.

    Bye! Have a nice day🍀


    From. Jane

    (P.S Can you click 'Good' if you read it? Thanks!)

    September 27

    Dear. Emily🌼,

    Hello! My name is Jane :)
    I'm lettering you for I want to be your friend!
    I saw your votes and other writings before.
    And so, I wanted to be friends with you :D
    Can you be my friend..?
    Oh, let me introduce myself.
    1. I am a girl.
    2. I am 12 years old. (Born in 2012.)
    3. My favorite color is purple, light blue, mint, white, and black.
    I think that's it. 
    You can ask me whatever if you want to know :)
    I really hope you can answer me..!
    Anyway, my letters can be sometimes late.
    But I'll try my best on replying quickly.
    Also, I will try to write longer..
    But I'm not sure with those..TT
    Just I'll try to keep my words!
    Ugh... Sorry this letter had been too short..
    But I really have to stop.
    Bye! Have a good day🍀


    From. Jane
    (P.S Can you click 'Interesting' if you read it? Thank you><)

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