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  • [기타] The Sun and Earth and Moon
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    | 추천수: 2 | 등록일: 2023.9.27 오전 8:37
  • Hello, readers. This is my first Non-Fiction writing. Today, I'm gonna introduce about Sun, Earth and Moon. Now, Let's start!

    _How does the Sun and Earth moves?

     In Earth, The sun seems to move across the sky during the day. But Actually the sun didn't move the sky at all. (Actually the sun move itself too. And the sun rotate the center of our Galaxy.) Instead the Earth move from west to East. 

     We can see the sun looks low in the sky in the morning at sunrise. We can see it looks low in the afternoon at sunset. It looks high in the sky at noon. All the think I'd Explain only takes daytime. At night, We cannot see the Sun of curse. But It takes 24 hours for Earth to make a full rotation.

    _How can we know time with one stick?

     Did you heard about Sundial? Now when we wonder 'What time is it', We can use a clock. But Long time ago, the aren't the Sundial.

     1. When the sun is in the west, a shadow points Eastward. 

     2. When it is in East, a shadow points westward.

     3. When it it at the middle of the sky, the shadow points Northward.

     When you go outside at night the shadow's length will change.

     1. When sun is low in the sky, the length of the shadow is longer.

     2. When it is high in the sky, the length of the shadow is shorter.


    _Why does the moon's shape changes?

     At night, you can saw the moon. What's your favorite moon shape? The moon rotate the Earth just like Earth rotates the sun. The moon is satellite.

     So, When moon is close to the sun, Moon is dark. When we see moon there are eight types of shape.

    When we saw all the moon, It called Full moon.

    When we saw half of the moon in left, It called Third quarter moon.

    When we saw half of the moon in right, It called First quarter moon.

    If the lighted part of the moon is greater than a semicircle and less than a circle, then it's called gibbous.

    If the lighted part of the moon is less than a semicircle it's called, Crescent.


     It's hard to understand this only with a writing. We need Experiment to understand better. You needed just lighter and the ball. This is simple project.

    Step 1. Off the light.

    Step 2. Please use a lighter to make a less light.

    Step 3. Hold a ball and move across the lighter.

    Step 4. You can see the ball's lighted part is changing.

    Thank you for reading all of my writing.

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