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  • [창작동화] Wish Restraunt 1: Swim Spagetti 1
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  • Sarah was walking to her swimming acedemy. Sarah wasn't enjoying her new acedemy. Last time, Sarah went to different acedemy. But her family moved their house, and Sarah stopped going to there. And she started to going to the swimming acedemy. But she couldn't swim well. 'What done is done.' she thought and ran into her swimming acedemy. Sarah jumped

    into the pool. The water was deep, but totally warm. Her teacher was strict. The teacher's name was Lola. "Why are you late,

    Sarah? Go to the diving pool and dive deep." Sarah wanted to ignore her, but she went on the diving stairs. "Okay, I'll dive."

    She took a deep breath. She jumped. Splash! In the end, Sarah jumped in the wrong hand. She just jumped 2m! "Sarah! Why.... Okay, okay. You must go home and write a log. Now!" "But Mis Lola..." "I said NOW!" Sarah sighed and packed her bag. She walked to her home calmly. Then, she saw a Restraunt next to her. Her stomach growled. "I'll just eat one food." she said to herself and walked into the Restraunt. The Restraunt was old and rusty. But the food smelled good. Then, a

    voice appeared, "Welcome to our Restraunt! What food do you want to order?" Sarah wanted to say; 'I'll order just water.'

    But, Sarah couldn't control her mind well. She said; "I'll order the Spagetti, please." Sarah was confused. Why is she can't

    control her real mind? "Okay, I'm ready to cook!" The bell started to ring. There was a sauce and the noodle's smell. It was

    very good. She couldn't wait it anymore. "Hello, sir. What is the..." She gasped a little. Or, gasped a lot. No one was in the

    cooking room! 'I should go. This Restraunt is haunted.' But, she couldn't control her mind. She thought she musn't go back.

    "The Spagetti is ready!" The voice said to Sarah again. Sarah hurried back to her desk. There was a looking-good Spagetti

    on her desk. There was a pair of smoke on it too. Sarah ate it with a fork. The Spagetti was good. It had a tomato sauce and the cheese. There was an olives too. They were yummy. And after that, Sarah felt different with her strengh.

                                                                                                          See you next time at the part 2!