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  • [창작동화] Life is a Grace chapter 7
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  • Where is everyone?

    Grace decided not to waste any more sec.

    She rapidly dressed up and went out.

    The hallway was empty.

    Grace was felt scared to be at the large orphanage alone.

    She passed many corridors which seemed longer then ever.

    But Grace finally reached the exit.

    When she steped outside she saw many kids and teachers.

    There were police officers and the mood seemed serious.

    Grace found miss Daisy and asked, What happened miss Daisy?

    Why is everyone here?

    You know those naughty boys who caused some problems recently?

    They are gone! It's why there are police officers here.

    Said miss Daisy. Of course Grace knew them.

    They bothered kids and caused problems like hiting other kids and burning clothes.

    But running away....From the protection of the orphanage?

    It was the thing that the other kids including Grace, never thought about.

    Where did they go? Why did they go?

    It was a mystery.

    -skipping to the afternoon-

    It was dinner time.

    All of the kids were hurrying to the dining room.

    On the way, Grace met Laura.

    Hey Laura. Where have you been? You were nowhere in sight.

    Grace asked.

    Hey Grace. I um...I...we are going to be late for dinner. Let's go!

    Laura stammered and hurried away.

    This is strange..Grace thought.

    She wanted to talk to Laura but had no chance to do that.

    Laura always told her everything.

    So, it was a little unfamiliar and also was an upsetting moment.


    That night Grace went to bad.

    When she was still thinking why Laura, her best friend acted weird, she suddenly heard squeaking sound.

    It was half past midnight. (Grace went to bed early but couldn't sleep)

    (back to the story)

    It was half past midnight and all the girls in the room were sleeping.

    Is there a rat going around?

    She tried to ignore but the sound got bigger.

    Ugh..She moaned.

    Grace stood up making up her mind to go and check what't making all the noises.

    She quietly walked around the dark room.

    Then, she figured out the sound was coming from outside the room.

    Grace picked up a candle and walked out.

    Now she could hear the sound more clearly.

    Grace shined the candle here and there.

    Then, she saw something looking like..a human figure!

    Grace rushed toward the figure.

    However, before she could see who it is, the figure ran away.

    But, the figure was slow and Grace was much faster.

    Grace soon caught the figure.

    Got you! She shouted.

    Let me go! 

    It sounded like a human girl.

    Grace shined the candle at the girl.

    it was Laura!!

    Why..why are you here?

    Grace murmured.

    Grace..! Laura only spoke Grace's name and said anything more.

    Thinking about it, Grace couldn't see Laura when she walked around the room.

    What are you doing here? Grace asked again.

    Before Grace could hear Laura's answer, Grace heard other sounds.

    Soon another human figure walked toward Grace and Laura.

    It was one of the boys whp disapeared!

    Soon after, other boys apeared.

    Why are you guys here?!

    Grace asked, surprised.

    Hey! she's not the one who we planned to take!

    One of the boys said.

    What are you talking about?!

    Grace asked.

    Just go away girl!

    Said the boy.

    Answer me first! Or I'm going to call for teachers!

    Looking pale to hear about about teachers, the boy sighed and said,

    Okay...We are getting ready to leave.

    It was so simple answer and Grace still had so much things to ask.

    Leave? Why? And where have you boys been?

    We are going to leave here cause we want to learn the world.

    We came back to take some things..

    And we were at the outside...

    Then, is Laura going to?

    Why is she here? Grace asked.

    She said she wanted to go to!

    We first refused because girls are silly and is useless.

    But she kept asking.

    What?! You are going with them?! asked Grace to Laura.

    I just wanted to find my family like you do...replied Laura.

    This is an outrage! You guys doesn't know anything about the world!

    And you don't even have a penny! I will call teachers! Grace shouted angrily.

    No stop!!! Don't you want to find your family?

    You always wanted that!

    The boys stoped her and said. And we have some money!

    They pulled out a pack of money.

    Where did you get that? Grace asked, feeling suspicious.

    We....we borrowed it....

    The boys stammered

    You're lying!! You stole it!!

    Grace turned around ready to go and call teachers.

    Wait!! the boys shouted.

    WAIT STOP!!!


     -By Eleanor-