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  • [편지] To. Eleanor0421, To. April28
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  • To. Eleanor0421

    Thanks for the sweet, kind, helpful letter!😆😆😆

    Yeah, I don’t want to go to relatives house…

    But Maybe I can have some money!

    That’s great! He-he😊

    Oh! And the books…

    Yes, we can start after holidays, I think!🥰

    I think I’m busy at holidays.

    and maybe you too?🤔

    My book… umm…

    It’s roughly like this.

    The main character was falsely accused.

    He said no, but no one believed.

    He was so frustrated that he attempted suicide.

    But he didn’t die because he jumped on the building and caught on a tree.

    In hospital, he finds out that his close friend framed him, he decides to take revenge.

    Something like this…?

    It’s silly.. yeah…😢

    But I don’t write much…

    Sorry for the silly idea…

    Oh, you brought wimpy kid diary!

    That’s fun, right? He-he

    Thanks for reading!!

    From, half moon chest cat

    To. April28

    Thanks for the letter!

    Oh no.. they didn’t force me to skiing…

    I didn’t say it… I didn’t have the courage…☹️

    Maybe your understand me… because your MBTI is I. 😅

    Oh, you’re boring because you’re oldest?

    I’m boring because I’m youngest. lol

    Oh, not all the clothes!

    New clothes are red. 🤣🤣

    But not now. He-he

    Oh, my favorite emoticon is not the cat.

    I like all of them. He-he

    Sorry for the short letter…

    It’s really sort…

    But I must go…T.T

    From. Half moon chest cat

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