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  • [창작동화] Wooga the Primitive Man's Adventures 3, Wooga and the Great Battle 1: Sprout of Betrayal
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  • Wooga and the Great Battle 1: Sprout of Betrayal

    Wooga got interested with the new stone, called the superstone, and tried it to all of his companions.
    "Space Respiration!" he gave himself the power to be able to breathe in outer space.
    "Communication!" he next gave me the power to contact to anyone I want.
    "Oxygen Generation!" he thirdly gave Later the power to make oxygen himself.
    But Later had something different: he had a tiny sprout grown on his head!

    The sprout, officially the sprout of betrayal, appears on people who got reversed in their alignment.
    That means Later is now a villain! Moreover, Wooga gave Garba the power to teleport other objects,
    and my partner the power to duplicate objects. They became villains along with Later, too!
    Also, they also got the sprouts of betrayal on their head.

    After that, Later kicked people, Garba punched at people, and my partner kept emptying the fridge.
    "Why are they doing that?" I wondered, running away from them to my apartment house with Wooga.
    While we were running from the jail where Yestell and other companions were, my partner duplicated the superstone.
    "Give these to everyone with their instructions!" he ordered to Later and Garba.
    "Object Teleportation!" Garba teleported Later with the stones.

    Later firstly gave Yestell the power to destruct objects. However, Yestell was already a villain, so he became kind. It was Garba's mistake to think that Yestell will become a more powerful villain.
    "Object Destruction!" he said, destroying the prison door.
    When Garba teleported Yestell to his location, he was confused since Yestell was trying to harm him by destroying the entire jail.

    Meanwhile, while the jail was being destructed, I thought the betraying event was planned by the evil Yestell.
    "Communication!" I used my power to talk to him.
    In front of Yestell, a hologram screen appeared.
    "Hey, you also got a sprout on your head!" I said.

    "Come to our apartment house!" Wooga said, giving Yestell the power to teleport.
    "Maybe they had changed because of the sprout," he guessed after Yestell teleported.
    At that time, my betrayed companions had finally distributed the superstones all around the world.
    Just then, Wooga, Yestell and I could watch the brainwashed people marching to the house through the window!

    -To be continued...-
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